Black Skies Over Denver

Professor Pizza of AXESLASHER fame stops in this morning to give us four reasons why attending Denver Black Sky is a moral imperative…
By Metalheads, For Metalheads

Denver Black Sky was masterminded by Skinless vocalist Sherwood Webber. From the start, his goal was to give a collection of hand-selected bands a full professional production and a show to remember for fans. Webber along with a handful of miscreants then recruited friends at Relapse Records, Black Sky Brewery, AEG, and Granite House Records to pool together and make something special.

When the groundwork was laid, each band answered quickly and enthusiastically, excited to be apart of a fest that’s guaranteed to be something special. Every band was chosen because they’ve made an impact on the crew making Denver Black Sky a reality. From old favorites like Dying Fetus and Exhumed to fresh-faced rippers like Power Trip and Speedwolf, there’s something for every metal mother fucker to raise the horns and lose their minds to.

The Mile High City

Last November Colorado passed the monumental Amendment 64 that makes the possession, sale, and cultivation of marijuana completely legal. While 100 percent legal pot shops aren’t slated to open until early 2014, knowing the cowboy attitude of Denver entrepreneurs first hand, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that a few would make the jump early. Maybe you’ll get lucky and come across the strain Cephalic Carnage was smoking when they wrote Misled by Certainty.

Mile High Tolerance

Denver’s high altitude doesn’t just give the Broncos an advantage over every other low-altitude dwelling team, it also decreases your drinking tolerance by several degrees. If you’re normally a six-pack-to-surly kind of person, you’ll want to take it slow the first few glasses unless you’re aiming to see the back seat of a Denver PD Cruiser. It doesn’t help that many of Colorado’s almost 200 breweries seem to flat-out refuse to release a brew under 8% ABV, a statement you can check for yourself at not one, but two metal themed brew-pubs: Black Sky Brewery, and Trve Brewing. Denver is a beerdrinker’s paradise, and Denver Black Sky will have more craft beer than a hall of battle-worn and thirsty vikings could ever drink.

Skinless is Back

Tickets are on sale now at, Black Sky Brewery, or anywhere AEG tickets are sold. $25 gets you into the party, $50 gets you a VIP pass that includes a Relapse gift bag, VIP viewing area, beer from Black Sky Brewing, a DBS pint glass and a very special 7” released by Granite House Records featuring unreleased songs from Axeslasher and Call of the Void! VIP is almost sold out, so get your tickets quick! We’ll be there thrashing the round stage and VIP area, soaking everyone around us in pure filth.