MDF documentary Welcome To Deathfest launches website

Okay, so this week’s big metal in the movies news has been dominated by former thrashers turned FM rock-metal conglomerate Metallica, who have roped in the wee creepy guy from Chronicle to star as a citizen roadie on a mission across town during a miscellaneously apocalyptic event. Taking its title from one of the many filler tracks on the band’s dishwater-weak eponymous sell-out LP, Through the Never is showing in IMAX theaters worldwide, and has been rendered in stereoscopic 3D, y’know, just in case a fictionalized concert movie featuring Metallica was not a sufficiently awful way to spend your time and waste your money on.
But, dear esteemed Decibangers, hope is at hand for those of you yearning for a more sensible representation of metal on-screen. Welcome to Deathfest, the official behind-the-scenes story of America’s premier underground metal festival, Maryland Deathfest, is coming together apace—and the filmmakers, Pendragwn Productions, have just launched a website for you to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the film’s release, and check out trailers, photos, and interview clips.

Now, at one time or another we have all stuck Maryland Deathfest the Movie in the DVD player and headbanged in the frontroom—and who hasn’t had to discipline the family dog for some non-regulation Saturday night sidebanging to Bolt Thrower? But Welcome to Deathfest is shaping up to be a different beast, a more in-depth piece showing just how the festival is pieced together, and examining its impact on the underground metal scene, not just in the States, but worldwide, too.

There will be a wealth of interview material to complement the footage from MDF, and among those offering wise words will be Decibel’s esteemed editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian, and Sleep/High on Fire’s riff-master Matt Pike and Pig Destroyer’s Scott Hull.

And here is Magrudergrind’s Chris Moore talking about Infest

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and keep a watchful eye out for screenings. So far, Welcome to Deathfest will be screening in D.C., Baltimore, Philadelpha, and the filmmakers hoping to secure a wider distribution that’ll see it aired in the West Coast and beyond in lieu of a DVD/Blu-ray release. Wish ’em luck, folks.

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