STREAMING: Valkyrja “The Cremating Fire”

Last Monday, Decibel and Valkyrja teamed up to premiere “Madness Redeemer” (click HERE) to great applause and buxom ladies defiled. Well, what you didn’t know was that the evil that courses through our collective veins—ours is more like Snake Mountain-type evil, if we’re being honest; Valkyrja’s is something that would make 1990-era Glen Benton run back to church—is that Decibel and Valkyrja planned not just one but two premieres. We’re that chuffed on The Antagonist’s Fire, actually.
It’s true this writer had a bonafide boner over Contamination, but The Antagonist’s Fire is Valkyrja all mature; like that perfect moment when a corpse reaches its apex ripeness; like that perfect moment when the night takes over the day; like that perfect moment when you realize Valkyrja are cut from the same Swedish cloth as Dark Funeral (early), Unanimated (all), and Dissection (all), only they’ve got their own thing happening. Yeah, we’ve heard The Antagonist’s Fire in its entirety and it rules every autumn.

We even got a quote out of Valkyrja frontman A.L., which is sort of like getting Fenriz to talk in 1991: “‘The Cremating Fire,’ the second preview of the third album,” says A.L., “is an ovation to the heralding storms and their blades whose edges bring inevitable and concluding end. A dedication to the hungry ones who carry perdition’s fire within their hearts.”

** Valkyrja’s new album, The Antagonist’s Fire, is out November 11th on W.T.C. Productions. Pre-order available soon, but in the meantime, check out diehard versions of Contamination and the CD of The Invocation of Demise by clicking HERE.