EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Craven Idol “Towards Eschaton”

Ladies and germs, pray silence please for Craven Idol’s Towards Eschaton. Pull up the easy chair, pull on the headphones; you’ll no doubt find the north Londoners’ debut long-player an extreme metal album of rare power. This here’s a bona fide contender for album of the year, a soundtrack for those evenings when your ouija planchette is jiggling all over the board.
Taking cues from Australian black thrash, Bathory, Venom, Teutonic thrash bands like Poison, Craven Idol have a sound that’s brutal yet creepy, a sound that shifts constantly between death and black metal, thrash and Heavy Metal but always thick with apocalyptic fever. Towards Eschaton transcends genre and easy classification. There are monastic chants, guitar solos, blasts and oohs! Fuck, there are even melodies if you’re the sort of sicko who gets off on that sort of thing.

Towards Eschaton drops on October 15th. Courtesy of Dark Descent Records, you can check it out below. Enjoy.

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