STREAMING: Valkyrja “Madness Redeemer”

The last time we spoke with Valkyrja they were hot on the trail of releasing second album, Contamination. Since then, the Swedish black metallers have been remarkably quiet, but that’s all about to change on November 11th. Why November 11th? Well, if you have your history book opened, it’s the date Diocletian tried to restore the Roman Empire in 309 CE. No? That’s not it? What about November 11th, 1992? That’s when General Synod of the Church of England agreed to allow women priests. OK, maybe you’re into cold weather and its role in history. Like the Armistice Day Blizzard, where 144 people from Kansas to Michigan were frozen solid?
Alright, enough Wikipedia look-ups. November 11th is the day Valkyrja release The Antagonist’s Fire on W.T.C. Productions after a single-album stint on Metal Blade Records. For that, we’ve coordinated directly with Valkyrja a worldwide premiere of new song, “Madness Redeemer.” True to form, Valkyrja’s “Madness Redeemer” is a mature venture into the netherworlds of Swedish black. Melodic yet dripping with dirt, blood, and the Dark Lord’s malignant fingerprints. Of course, we’ll leave the judgments–true or not–to you, but give “Madness Redeemer” a few rounds. Let it bore into you like mango worms (not for faint of heart) and eat you from within.

** Valkyrja’s new album, The Antagonist’s Fire, is out November 11th on W.T.C. Productions. Pre-order available soon, but in the meantime, check out diehard versions of Contamination and the CD of The Invocation of Demise by clicking HERE.