For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Okay, I’m back for a bit. Let’s just get into it, shall we?
CARCASS released Surgical Steel this week after a decade or so of relative inactivity. I’m really digging this. The front end of the record is loaded with more of the heavier songs, so some fans may find the latter half tedious, as it has more melodic songs a la Heartwork. This birdbrain thinks the whole thing is worthwhile, as the guitars really carry a clarity and punch. Some of the earlier tracks could easily have come from the Necroticism cutting room floor (although they don’t sound like throwaways). The real hardcore grind fans will more than likely be disappointed with this, as it is heavy and there are blast beats, but it’s most definitely not Reek. But lemme tell you, it’s most definitely not Swansong. Hey, how about Parrotsong? That’s a good title. Good comeback, boys. 8 Fucking Pecks.

What a barnburner ULCERATE’S latest effort Vermis is. Your ol’ boy Waldo doesn’t typically like tech-metal, but this thing is moody, brooding at times, and mean as peck. It’s always been my feathered opine that Destroyers of All was a much-overlooked death metal record, and hopefully this will bring them to the forefront. There really are jarring events on this, but this is where the record excels. Some tech bands favor clean precision, but Ulcerate prefer to make a loud, dark, mean cacophony of noise and chaos. To describe this record as a tidal wave is almost an understatement; it most certainly is a force of nature. Kick this shit and kick it LOUD. 9 Fucking Pecks.

Can a parrot yawn? Well, I kinda did. I fell asleep faster than someone putting a cover over my cage when I heard SATYRICON’S self-titled release. Not that this is bad—it’s not at all—just REALLY predictable. But you all should know that all parrots aren’t really into black metal at all. The problem here that that this record takes too few risks and just seems like it’s treading water. The production is glossy and way too slick, but hey, Hot Topic fans need to listen to something too, amirite? A lot of this really kind of comes off same-samey and almost seems as it’s one song strung out over multiple tracks. I’m sure fans of this band won’t be disappointed; as I said, it’s not bad, just kind of bland, like a glass of warm milk. 4 Fucking Pecks.