TRACK PREMIERE: Domovoyd’s “Lamia”

I have no idea what a “Domovoyd” is (presumably something in Finnish or maybe a type of mushroom), but a lamia is a creepy snake person thing, and there are some definite serpentine tendencies to their music. It coils around your cerebral cortex, then sinks its fangs right into the pleasure center and injects 200 mL of psychedelic venom straight to the source. I hear Monster Magnet’s more demented trips in here, along with Sleep’s epic dronescapes and Electric Wizard’s occult trance, but mostly I hear people unafraid to venture out into the frontier of the mind’s eye. That’s the kind of weirdness I can get behind. “Lamia” offers the perfect gateway to that experience, and there’s another 47 minutes of magic beyond that on Oh Sensibility, their full-length debut. In fact, just posting one track is kind of cruel. The first hit is free, but the rest will cost you. And you’ll want the rest.

***Oh Sensibility comes out October 11 on Svart in both CD and LP. You can preorder the CD here and the LP here. Meanwhile, check them out on Facebook here or download their first couple EPs for free on Bandcamp here.