STREAMING: Inquisition “Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons” (Lyric Video)

Lyric videos are a bit of a mystery. They probably started with pop music on major labels for no other reason than to have a video on Youtube for nerdballs to copy/paste into lyric sites (with typos) as a way to pump up their online cred factor. Well, folks, lyric videos have, fittingly I might add, filtered down to the underground, where voices roar, grunt, and growl. If lyric videos had a place, it’d be with death, black, thrash, doom, and whatever metal. That way you can read the difference between “All I Had I Gave” and what you thought you heard in “All The Head I Gave” (sorry, Crowbar).
Anyway, we have the good cosmic fortune of premiering the new lyric video for Inquisition’s “Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons” off new album, Obscure Verses for the Multiverse. Now, if you’re familiar with Inquisition, no need to read on. Just click play. If not, Inquisition is a two-man black metal project of celestial origins (actually, originally Colombia now Seattle), where blast beats, sick riff configs, and gurgling vocals are the order of the day. In short, Inquisition is the best band you’ve never heard if you’re in the latter camp. If you’re in the former, they’re certainly better than Werewolf Bloodhoof, who’ve been huge on the forums lately.

** Inquisition’s new album, Obscure Verses for the Multiverse, is out October 25th on Season of Mist. It’s available HERE in a few different horizon-burning versions. And by different, we mean digibooks bound in cow leather. And goat leather. In clear and black vinyl as well. And in a box on CD.