TRACK PREMIERE: Bloody Hammers’ “At the Well of Nazareth”

Bloody Hammers obviously have an awesome name, but that Master of Reality-style logo they have (along with the pentagram and naked chick on the cover) may make you think that they’re yet another of the 70s throwback bands that Rise Above keep putting out. Nope! These guys definitely have some pretty black Sabbath running through their veins, but Spiritual Relics finds inspiration a good quarter-century after the album whose font they’ve borrowed. As “At the Well of Nazareth” demonstrates, their true heart lies in the creepy-stalker-and-drug-overdose death rock of Acid Bath. It’s a pretty good indication of what the rest sounds like, although it’s one of the less less skin-crawling tracks. Check out our exclusive premiere below, and then grab the full thing when it comes out in early October.

***Spiritual Relics comes out on Soulseller in October. Check out their Facebook here and preorder the album here.