STREAMING: Persekutor’s “Power Frost”

Romanian black metal trio Persekutor’s Angels of Meth was the best album nobody heard in 2006, an anger brownie with hatred frosting. Unfortunately, a protracted legal dispute between the band and its former label Thousand Year Reich over rights to the masters has cast an official stateside release in doubt, and the only official copy is rumored to be in the “unfiled” section of Fenriz’s vast demo archives.

But the past is the past, and Persekutor is the future. Decibel is happy to provide an exclusive stream of “Power Frost,” the A side from the band’s upcoming “Power Frost” 7”. Magic Bullet Records will release the single on November 29, 2013 — learn more on the band’s Facebook page.

Check out the song below, a sly nod to Pure Holocaust-era Immortal. A short interview with guitarist and vocalist Vlad the Inhaler follows.

You and longtime bassist Ion “Iron Slasher” Slăsescu both make your living tending to goats in Romania. How is the goat herding business after the last major outbreak of hoof and mouth disease in nearby Bulgaria in 2011?

Hoof in mouth is serious problem. Trying to pull foot out of mouth, might hurt goat. Leave foot in mouth, goat starve. Is same in Bulgaria we assuming. But we are hearing Bulgaria goat have extra mouth in back with no teeth so maybe not big problem for them. Will be asking fans on next Bulgaria tour.

When we last checked in, your drummer Kutná Whora had been kicked out of the band and replaced with a series of session musicians. This 7″ marks the debut of drummer Doktor Impossible. What’s his story?

Kutná Whora not kicked out. This is Internet rumor spread by teenage masturbation club on heavy metal message board. Yes. True story is Kutná Whora leave PERSEKUTOR to join Jandarmeria Română. This is military police of Romania. Like Russian army but less sodomy.

Doktor Impossible is a machine. Literally, he is machine. We name him Doktor Impossible after Sisters Of Mercy drummer Doktor Avalanche. But is very possible to have real human drummer on next release! Are talking to famous US and A drummer about possibility, he is into it. Not Tony Laureano, too expensive.

How did you end up on the same label as Charles Manson?

Charlie is big time PERSEKUTOR fan from Angels Of Meth days. He try to text us from secret mobile phone under prison mattress but we are not havings mobile phones so did not receive. Then he is mailing us drawing of big cock with swastika on it, say this is self-portrait 2010. We try to ask if he meaning this is self-portrait of penis, or if penis is supposings to be him. The shaft is saying “PIGGY” but Iron Slasher change to “PERSEKUTOR,” put on wall in practice barn. Looking good there next to naked photografications of Aletta Ocean and Black Angelika.

Your rivals Negură Bunget released a special edition of their last record in a hand-crafted box with a rope and actual soil from Transylvania. How can you top that?

This band is traitors. Givings away of Transylvanian soil is same as giving away secret location of Jandarmeria Română sodomy tent. I have idea what they can do with rope.

Outgoing Romanian president Traian Băsescu has served two full terms and is ineligible for reelection in 2014. Will a shift in political power positively affect the climate for black metal in Romania, and what impact might it have on your longstanding legal battle with your former label Thousand Year Reich?

All politicians is big fat liars. You are US and A journalist so you are knowing this situation already. Yes. Băsescu suspending by Romania parliament of 2007 for corruptive purposes. Votings of impeachment happening like Bill Clinton, but Băsescu not even getting mouth sex from Monica Blewinsky. No big surprising—Romanian people know he is pig same like other pigs but voting for him anyway. Cannot speakings about Thousand Year Reich as usuals, but WE are making the climate for Romanian black metal. Always WE, no other persons. After goats is feeding, climate is right.