Courtesy of the good guys and ghouls from Horror Pain Gore Death Records, we’ve got a particularly fetid and rotten Monday afternoon treat for all you gore-obsessed Decibangers out there in the shape of Coffins Colossal Hole EP.
Anyone with a penchant for sloppy-joe, old-school death metal will already be on first-name terms with the Japanese quartet’s sound. And of course, you’ve all heard “Reborn”, right? The track they cut exclusively for Decibel’s flexi-disc series? Well, you can check that slice of punk-cum-death metal out here while we’ve got your attention.

Anyway, to the matter in hand. Colossal Hole is a three-track EP strictly limited to 500 copies and comes on 10″ deluxe vinyl (45RPM Black Night vinyl, if you’re curious to know about such things). The tracks are rough, pre-production demo tracks the band cut when working towards Relapse debut, The Fleshland. The artwork comes from the fair hand of guitarist/vocalist Uchino, and feel free to make full use of the complimentary sick bags included with the release. There is also a pair of numbered tickets with each release. They won’t get you in anywhere but, y’know, it’s nice to have something to underline the exclusivity of the whole thing. Neat, huh?

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