UK grind-swines Purify The Horror release their “Untitled EP” as a free download

Three guys in pig masks? While we’d like to think that Purify the Horror were channelling the heist scene from BMX Bandits when they were working on their aesthetic, but it’s probably the whole anonymity thing that they were going for. Apart from the mortal threats issued during said bank job, the “Australian Goonies” doesn’t share too much artistic common ground with this enigmatic grind trio from Birmingham, England.
Purify the Horror’s alumni all purport to be major players in the UK’s underground extreme metal scene—and maybe some strategic Googling would peel back the ham and reveal their true identities. But who really cares who is behind the mask; sometimes it’s best just to let the music do the screaming. Grindcore from Birmingham, England, has got quite the reputation, and Purify the Horror have a bass-heavy groove and grindcore sound (‘rindcore? Or is that stretching the porcine metaphor too thin?) that clearly has its roots planted in the blast axis of vintage Napalm Death and Carcass, but with an overwhelmingly raw-meat approach that is not too dissimilar to Anaal Nathrakh’s less-operatic moments. Don’t just take our word for it, check it out below and be sure to check out the Dissected Records/Sociopathic Sound BandCamp page.

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