STREAMING: Ghoul “Intermediate Level Hard-Core”

When was the last time you entered a cemetery with less than honorable intentions? Yesterday? Hail! Never? Well, you have some serious work to do. But what do cemeteries, (possibly) illegal activities, and California’s Ghoul have in common? Who the fuck knows?! We do know the Ghoulies latest EP, Intermediate Level Hard-Core, makes us want through a cemetery, skateboard in hand, climb a fence, and rage the curb blocks on the other side. In some states, skateboarding is a crime and in some states cemeteries are private, so…
Anyway, you’re probably tired of our gibberish at this point and you’re aching for us to get down to blood-soaked tacks. OK, Ghoul. Death/thrash/punk/crossover/grind goodness. New EP called Intermediate Level Hard-Core, which features covers of GWAR, Fearless Iranians From Hell, Willful Neglect, NOTA, and Dayglo Abortions. We’re streaming the entire deal below. For free. Wait, ain’t everything on the Internet free? Sure it’s all free. Unless you want a skateboard. Then, you have to order one with real life cash dollars.

OK, cut to the chase. End the cliches. Let’s roll! First person to backside smith that curb block gets a day’s worth of respect.

** There isn’t a pre-order we can find for Ghoul’s Intermediate Level Hard-Core, but you can go to the Tankcrimes website (HEAR HERE!) and find all kind of “ghoulish” goods for shiny coins that were once used to feed arcade machines. Oh, wait, we found a link! Late in the game, admittedly. Pre-order the awesomeness HERE.