TRACK PREMIERE: Phantom Glue’s “Biocult”

I’m not 100% sure how Phantom Glue would even really work as an adhesive. I guess sometimes you just need to keep some damn ghosts in place. Apparently it requires some really heavy duty stuff, but even if they can’t hold the wraiths in place, this goop should be able to slow them down pretty well. The band plays in the same muck as Mastodon, but they bring a sense of devastation and despair that their influences don’t. Sort of like funeral sludge metal, I guess? “Biocult” is one of the more upbeat tracks on here, which should tell you a lot about their general outlook and the overall vibe of A War of Light Cones. Pretty much what you’d expect from a band that used to be known as Angels of Meth. “Enjoy” this exclusive track premiere, and then go ahead and buy the full length, which is out today courtesy of Black Market Activities. You have 29 minutes to bum yourself out with, right?

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