STREAMING: Trouble “The Distortion Field” [Sampler]

Back in the day (about four years ago), Trouble’s follow-up to Simple Mind Condition was titled, The Dark Riff. Pretty cool title. Succinct and descriptive. Well, the title’s changed to, The Distortion Field, and we’re pretty sure it’s just as descriptive, but there’s a little more to interpret. We won’t try, of course. The title background will, no doubt, come out in interviews with the Chicagoans. Heavy metal fans will rejoice, and the world will continue to spin.
Outside of the title change, Trouble has re-enlisted Exhorder throatman Kyle Thomas. Now, heavy metal’s had no shortage of great records with fantastic vocalists of late, but one jam through the three tracks on offer (see Soundcloud below) and you’ll quickly realize Thomas is in a league of his own at the moment. The dude kills it.

Seems like guitarist Rick Wartell is also “feeling it.” He’s gone on record to exclaim the following: “Musically, I think this album is a true Trouble record. In the early days, we used to just write what we felt and didn’t really care about what anyone said. We just wrote heavy riffs and played our music our way. But outside influences can kind of get a hold of you and start telling you what to do. When we were writing this album, the thinking was, we don’t care what anybody thinks. We’re going to write what we write. So this is basically a return to our roots, while combining some reflections of our band’s long history as well. With the two different music writers, Bruce and myself, we have a slight variation in our writing; Bruce has more of a ’70s groove to his writing, and I’m more the old-school doomy metal thing. And when you put it together, you get Trouble.”

So, it’s with burnt pate (thanks summer sun) and a sore neck (thanks Trouble), we present you, The Distortion Field [Sampler].

** Trouble’s new album, The Distortion Field, is out now on FRW Records. It’s available HERE.