Courtesy of Forge Again Records and exclusively for all you Decibangers out there, may this cursed quarter of the Internet be the first to steam in full the debut LP from Detroit punks Old Gods, Stylized Violence.
What can you expect? Sheesh . . . Well, it is worth noting that the album artwork features a large chef’s knife (a 23cm blade, by our estimate), calling to mind Black Flag’s My War (an album that similarly beefed up a hardcore punk sound with metal). But Stylized Violence is way more hyper. As you would expect from a band fronted by Jeff Tuttle, former guitarist for The Dillinger Escape Plan, it shovels handfuls of ants in hardcore’s pants and is liable to cause bruxism and all sorts of weird ticks to those susceptible to such things. You can expect screams, weird riffs, high-tempos, maximum anger, and references to Thomas Pynchon, S.E. Hinton/Francis Ford Coppola and the Halloween franchise in the song-titles. Enjoy.

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