STREAMING: Axeslasher “Woodland Tortuary” with Comic Book Lyric Sheet (Plus Contest!)

Axeslasher and Decibel present an exclusive stream of a song off the gore-obsessed thrashers’ upcoming album Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1, due later this year on Antithetic Records.

Mixed and mastered at the Filth Chamber in Denver with producer Patrick Bruss (CRYPTICUS, TOMBSTONES), “Woodland Tortuary” is a tongue-in-cheek look at late ’80s sadism, inspired by equal parts grindhouse splatter and real life events.

Also: Fed up with “annoying lyric videos created only to generate ad revenue,” Axeslasher teamed up with Albequerque artist Tim “Rabbit” Cochran to create an (amazing) blood-soaked homage to EC Comics mirroring the lyrics of the song.


Call for Video Entries:

Axeslasher wants to see your gore. Listen to “Woodland Tortuary,” read the comic, then go create your own gory video and post it to Instagram or Vine.

“Be sure to tag @axeslasher so that we know you submitted,” says guitarist/vocalist Professor Pizza. “We will create a video using all of the submissions we receive. The gorier, the better. In fact, if you need a killer recipe for fake blood, I recommend mixing Karo Syrup — the dark kind! — with eleven drops of red food coloring and two drops of green. You’ll get a nice thick blood that oozes more than pours. Happy slashing!”

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