STREAMING: Pest “Faced Obscured By Death”

I think I’ve said it before and I think I’ll have to say it again. Black metal, on the Deciblog, isn’t represented fairly. Why? I’ll leave that question up for Lord Belial (or one of his cronies) to answer. Nevertheless, the Deciblog needs more black. Whether it’s shiny black, flat black, or none more black, times like these—hot, humid, summer shit—need more fuel to Hell’s eternally burning fire. To help the Deciblog descend into the depths of darkness, we’ve enlisted Sweden’s Pest. Fresh off a one-album stint on Season of Mist, the Swedes have returned with full force on Poland’s Agonia Records.

New long-player, The Crowning Horror, is a spiked fist to the cross. While previous efforts recalled some of metal’s finest (Bathory, Celtic Frost, Kreator), The Crowning Horror plays the retro card with caution. It’s for certain a casket full of reckless abandon, but it’s not subservient to the gods of yesteryear. It has a presence. Like Watain. Like Tribulation. Only not like either band at all. Pest is direct. Ten merciless tracks of death, destruction, and leather. Burnin’ leather.

Some say Hump Day sucks. Not at the Deciblog. Hump Day is Pest. And Pest is Hump Day. Viva death! Viva Pest!

** Pest’s new album, The Crowning Horror, is out June 18th on Agonia Records. It’s available HERE. Or, find yourself shackled to a church pew with Torn Flesh’s Crux of the Mosh playing on endless repeat.