Repulsion cover Bathory’s “The Reaper” with Pelle Åhman

Things always come full circle. And when they do it’s either super-rad or pretty depressing. For Repulsion’s first visit to Stockholm, Sweden, it’s super-rad. Why? Let’s just say, the extremely extremes of Sweden’s early metal scene influenced Flint, Michigan’s grindcore/death metal revolutionaries Repulsion and, in turn, the dudes from the city whose motto is “Strong, Proud” ended up influencing, well, Nihilist and other teenage acts who are, as they say, household names.
So, it’s great when Repulsion, who were influenced by Bathory, cover one of Bathory’s most vicious tunes with young gun Swede Pelle Åhman of In Solitude fame on the mic.

From Sweden to Flint to Sweden and then rest of world!

History has been made. Watch it!

** Catch Repulsion live at MDF on Friday, May 24th at 8:00 p.m.