STREAMING: ZED “Desperation Blues”

There are times when you need to strip away the blastbeats, the growling, the hyperbolic horror movie cover art, the hyper-aggressive posturing and just rock. Plain and simple rock. Clutch does it. Maybe they jam a bit, but the core is tried and true rock. Same with Zakk Wylde when he isn’t over using pinch harmonics and his trademark vibrato. He rocks, too. So, when ZED came to the blood-soaked and grime-filled Scrum room of the Deciblog and presented new album, Desperation Blues, we all—actually, just one of us—nodded in approval.
Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area, ZED blends the classic rock you’ve heard a zillion times on any “Z” rock radio station with the punch of, say, Clutch, the angularity of Rage Against the Machine, the hey-it’s-cool-man vibe of Queens of the Stone Age. Classic-Contemporary hard rock from the Left Coast, which for a Monday morning is exactly what most of us need to get the day going. Maybe ZED and some Coconut Water.

So, check out ZED’s Desperation Blues. It’s OK to rock with your cock out. Or, if you’re female, J. Bennett would approve of rocking with your tits out.


“We spent over a year writing and fine tuning these songs, finding the right balance between heaviness and aggression, groove, and blues. This album, to us, is the best of all worlds, combining our different influences into one cohesive sounding set of songs that pounds you while making your head bob and ass shake. This is the best work we’ve ever done as a band and as individuals, and we’ve set the bar for ourselves for the next album.”

** Desperation Blues is available for pre-order from ZED’s store HERE. The album can also be ordered on Amazon and iTunes.