Old-School Hardcore Thursdays with AC4. This week: Guilty of Killer Riffs

As I continue on with part two of the three-part old-school hardcore Thursday feature with the dudes from Sweden’s AC 4 (check out part one here), this week I make the not-so-daring proclamation that hardcore is synonymous with Minor Threat. That’s about all I have to say, or should have to say. With that, we asked AC 4 bassist Christoffer Jonsson to list off his five favourite Minor Threat riffs.
1) “Straight Edge”: THE riff. All things considered, pretty much the ONLY hardcorepunk riff that anyone will ever need. It captures what hardcore is and should always be in only two chords played with the exact perfect flick of the wrist. And it’s also basically the same riff used in Poison Idea ”Give it Up”, Anti Cimex ”Game of the Arseholes”, The Shit Lickers ”Spräckta Snutskallar”, Agnostic Front ”Traitor” and AC4 ”Who’s the Enemy?”. There you go: five brilliant and timeless alcoholic bands in opposition to the drug free lifestyle.

2) “Filler”: The first note… Fuck me and marry me young.

3) “Out of step”

4) “Guilty of Being White”

5) “Bottled Violence”

Runner up, ’cause I’m an anarchist: “(I’m not your) Steppin’ Stone”: Not their song, no. But the greatest punk song ever that wasn’t intended as a punk song. Funny, that.

And, so you can do a little compare and contrast:

And in case you’re wondering what AC 4 themselves are all about, check out this little introductory video:

A Few Minutes With AC4 from A FEW MINUTES WITH on Vimeo.