For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Spring has sprung, and so have the new metal releases.
GHOST BC release Infestissumam, their second full-length. And while this band maybe loved by some, hated by some, this is pretty blasé and mediocre, really. Calling this metal is a bit of a stretch, as the previously released singles — the “Secular Haze” and “Year Zero” tease — sounds fairly similar to the rest of the record. The most surprising thing here is that Papa Emeritus changed his name to Papa Emeritus II. This is that watered-down ’70s occult rock that shouldn’t surprise anyone, owing more to Witchfinder General and Blue Oyster Cult than Mercyful Fate. This is a concept album based loosely on the birth of the Antichrist and, well, it’s OK. No real moments on here where one says “FUCK!” Not to say that this is bad; there’s just no real kick in the dick, and most of the tracks blend together and come off samey, even with the addition of organ. Fans of this band will not be let down, but those awaiting an initiation to the Ghost cult won’t be swayed so quickly. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Every now and then, a band comes along that rules. They mix punk, metal and horror themes. SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE is not that, and Featuring Dr. Gruesome and the Gruesome Gory Horror Show just plain sucks butt. Tell Victory to cut it the peck out. 0 Fucking Pecks.

Rewind the clock way back, because FLOTSAM AND JETSAM have a new record called Ugly Noise. This is definitely no Doomsday for the Deceiver, or even No Place for Disgrace. These thrash metal veterans are one of the more underrated thrash bands of their time; former bassist Jason Newsted helped write some of these tracks, and as a whole, this record seems a little more focused than their mid-late ’90s fare. There are some real beak-scratching moments on this, though: use of samplers, etc. Out of the gate, this promises a unique meanness that only they could, but then they ruin it. Do we really need another Flotsam and Jetsam record? The answer is no. 3 Fucking Pecks