A Beast Conceived: Introducing Howling

The most aptly titled release of the year so far is almost certainly Howling’s A Beast Conceived — a hellacious sonic amalgamation of Heartwork, Ride the Lightning, and Tom G. Warrior-style sinister riffage fronted by the restless extreme music paragon Vanessa Nocera and brimming with lyrical homages to cult horror movie classics like The Beast Within, Mountaintop Motel Massacre, and American Gothic…this album is a monster in its own right!
“I really wanted the music to have the energy of all the classic albums by Death and the classic thrash albums by Metallica/Megadeth but with a ‘horror’ vibe throughout,” Howling shredder/composer extraordinaire Tony Proffer tells Decibel. “We really want to make an impact on the Horror community, not just metal…Vanessa and I have near identical tastes in both music and horror, and her vocals are untouchable, so that makes for a real easy partnership. She is such an incredible lyricist, I know anything she writes to my music is gonna be gold!”

This morning Decibel is honored to premiere the following gnarly, twisty track off A Beast Conceived, “Savage Psychosis.” Keep up with the band on Facebook. Razorback Records is now on Twitter. And below the stream check out a fan made video for the sick album opener, “As Man Becomes Lycanthrope.”