Immolation’s Bill Taylor and Demigod’s Esa Linden to guest host Metalenema

Plugging a radio show in this day and age seems kinda quaint when you consider that music can be streamed all over the Internet but, with upcoming guest DJs Bill Taylor from Immolation and Esa Linden of Demigod, Metalenema is a special case.
Their show’s remit—death and black metal, both classic and contemporary, with “some good old timeworn speed and thrash metal for good measure”—is the sort of bill of fare that the Deciblog can get down with all day long. Well, every Saturday between the hours of 10pm-midnight CST on No Control Radio, to be precise. And you should too, because on Saturday March 2nd Immolation shredder Bill Taylor will be co-hosting the show, and on Saturday March 9th Demigod’s Esa Linden will be in the studio. We’re hoping that Linden will speak solely in his best Slumber of Swollen Eyes death growl, but either way his and Taylor’s playlists are bound to be essential listening. Those you tuning in from Austin point your FM dial at 107.1-2HD radio, the rest of you bookmark No Control Radio here and stream it on the night.

Metalenema’s previous guests have included Wannes Guebbels of Pentacle, Vetis Monarch of Weapon, and Dan Lilker of, well everyone; all of these special episodes can be downloaded from Metalenema is presented by The Undertaker and NT Khrist. You can poke them on Facebook here, and send your requests/shout-outs to [email protected]
Of course, Immolation are playing on Decibel’s very own 2013 tour with Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and more; click here for more information on dates, tickets and venues.


DEMIGOD live at MDF, 2012