STREAMING: Bastard Sapling’s “Cold Winds Howled Across The Desolation”

Since the Decibel faithful are about to enter a restful trance of their own thanks to pounds of turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing (or tofurkey for all our vegan readers) we thought it was the right time to introduce a new track from Bastard Sapling’s Dragged From Our Restless Trance. Streaming below is “Cold Winds Howled Across The Desolation.”
The band has also attached an appropriately grim track-by-track roundup. Stream the song below and check out the beautiful vinyl pressing by Forcefield Records here. I’m not sure what these guys are doing for Thanksgiving so you might want to keep with the plans to visit the parents.

Prophecy Born From Dismal Terrain
Are the hallucinations/visions/dreams you suffer from actual glimpses into the future? It’s up to you to decide.

Cold Winds Howled Across The Desolation
This was inspired by the idea of being cleansed of your flesh suit, witnessing humankind’s ignorance, in some kind of celestial embodiment. Alone and desolate..Nothing left on earth but ash and cold regretful souls. Lots of downers and booze, to be honest.

The Apex Of Suffering
Destroy the human race, destroy yourself. Nothing less, nothing more

Beyond The Void Of Life
From a dark place this one. Sore subject to say the least. Buy the record and read the lyrics! Maybe you feel the same!

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