Incantation need no introduction, surely, so let’s keep this brief and to the point. The Pennsylvanian death metal kingpins release their ninth album, Vanquish in Vengeance, on November 27th through Listenable Records. This is Incantation’s first LP since 2006’s sulfurous Primordial Domination, and considering death metal’s new wave of old-schoolers have grown evermore reliant on the Incantation canon for inspiration, it is a timely reminder from the old masters that, when it comes to articulating blasphemy and striking the appropriate mood for the End of Days, there is no one better. Vanquish… was recorded at Mars Recording Compound with Engineer Bill Korecky, and mixed/mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.
Listen to Vanquish in Vengeance below; pre-order it HERE.

Bassist Chuck Sherwood had this to say about the album’s themes:
“The concept of our world so enslaved by monotheistic dogma that only a rebirth, with nothing but distain for the previous, would be tolerated. The lyrical content is the vehicle of this ideology from modern to ancient history combined with the occult/pagan views and the rage we as a band hold for those religions and their followers who’d refuse to acknowledge their own failure. Let this vortex we offer permeate and enlighten or shun and obliterate.”

And guitarist Alex Bouks was good enough to email us over his track-by-track take on the album that marks his full-length debut with Incantation.

“Invoked Infinity”
For this one, I wrote most of the riffs. They were written at a state of complete anger and a hate that consumed me at the time. This song and a few other riffs on the record were written around December 2011. It was a dark time for me, and I channeled all of that energy into the music. I think it is a great opener and it hits you unexpectedly. It actually reminds me of something that could have been on the Diabolical Conquest album. Sadistic!

“Ascend into the Eternal”
I wrote all of the music and lyrics for “Ascend…”. Lyrically it deals with the journey to find the hidden truth—to achieve Godhead! Musically this has a lot of different elements. This was written in about a hour with me and John [McEntee, guitar/vocals] sitting down, putting our ideas together. It came together very easy. I really like the ending doom part. It is very uplifting and ethereal—it really complements the lyrics very well.

“Progeny of Tyranny”
One of my fave tracks, written by John. Some signature McEntee riffs all over this song. I get a very black and disturbing feeling when listening and playing this. The ending vocals John does are full of drama and absolute darkness, and have a bit of our Necrovore influence.

“Transcend into Absolute Dissolution”
This was one of the last songs written for the record, and another fave from the dark doom riffs written by John. Takes me back to the Mortal Throne… record a bit.

Mid-paced and some atmospheric parts here. Reminds me of the ever-rolling abyss. When it was time to do my solo I thought what would Gino Marino (Incubus (FL)/Nocturnus) do? Chaotic demon screaming leads indeed! And I think it came out well.

“Vanquish in Vengeance”
Chuck came up with the first riff. A very unorthodox pattern and very Incantation. Also I really like the solos me and John did on this. The first solo is done by me and the ending one by John. This was one of those songs Frankenstiened by John. Riffs all written by the three of us, and arranged by John—another sadistic, ripping track!

“Profound Loathing”
The first song written for the album; as we were ending our last rehearsal for an upcoming European Tour, John came up with some of these riffs. We just started jamming on the vibes of the riffs. It was the start of the inspiration for the record. I had to redo my guitar solos about six times for “Profound…”. Kyle [Severn, drums] kept brutally shutting me down on every solo I did. I just could not get capture the vibe. Finally, after much stress it just happened, and i thank Kyle for that; sometimes you just need to be pushed to get the best performance out of you.

“The Hellions Genesis”
Another musical collaboration between John, Chuck and myself for the riffs, the song was originally inspired by Chuck’s intro bassline. This has a lot of mid-paced black doom to sadistic speed!

“From Hollow Sands”
Another song that came together very easily and quickly. Musically, it was written by myself and Chuck—very short and to the point, pure death metal! And it has some great lyrics and vocal lines by John.

“Legion of Dis”
At the moment, this is my favorite track on the record. The music was originally written by John as a musical interlude that was about two to three minutes long. But that all changed once we got into the studio; it turned into 12 minutes. This was all recorded live and directed by Kyle. Chuck penned the words inspired by the wraith of God Dis. The song leaves you with visions of doom and darkness, no hope! A perfect ending.