GIVEAWAY: Flourishing Complete Digital Discog + Tee

Since Brooklyn trio Flourishing is releasing the digital version of its latest 3-song EP, Intersubjectivity, via The Path Less Traveled today we figured it would be a good opportunity to give some stuff away to mark the occasion.
And by “some stuff,” we mean the band’s entire digital discography, plus a killer T-shirt. Musically the lucky giveaway winner will receive:

A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World EP (2010)
The Sum of All Fossils (2011)
Intersubjectivity EP (2012)

Intersubjectivity is three songs (twenty-plus minutes) of seriously noise-damaged death metal. In fact, this is so tweaked and fucked up at times—think Godlfesh’s urban blight of industrial noise and ambient fuckery—that we’re not sure it really much fits into the whole death metal paradigm. Other times, though, there’s no denying the incendiary death metal violence inherent in the music. Let’s just say it’s not by-the-books DM and leave it at that.

And that’s perhaps the most engaging thing about it. There’s a sense of experimentalism about the almost psychedelic arrangements that keeps the tunes from feeling stagnant. There’s never any loss of intensity, even when the band flies off on some tangent. Oh hell, just go listen to it for yourself here.

As for the T-shirt that’s up for grabs, well, man, what can we tell you about that? Um, it’s brand new! And look how reddish-maroon it is! Red is the new black we hear.

So, now we get down to the details as to how you can make all this good stuff your very own. First you have to send an email here with something clever like “Flourishing Decibel Giveaway” as the subject. And in the body of the email, it wouldn’t hurt to put a friendly message in there to the fine folks at The Path Less Traveled along with your contact details. One lucky winner will be chosen at random and notified shortly thereafter. You have exactly nothing to lose by entering this, so do it now.