STREAMING: General Surgery “Like An Ever Flying Limb”

The quote, “This is a good place to start where we left off”, seems appropriate for death metal outfit General Surgery. The first new material since 2009’s Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism effort, Like An Ever Flying Limb—yes, that’s a nod to Hall of Famers Dismember—follows in the gory, early Carcass-like footsteps of General Surgery’s previous output, and there’s little to complain about.
Sure, we are still stump deep in the group’s recent “binders full of death metal and goregrind” in the shape of A Collection of Deprivation, but new material from the Swedes is always welcome, especially considering they’re not the most prolific outfit to come out of land of ice and snus. So, with five tracks spanning a total of 11 blood-splattering minutes Like An Ever Flying Limb is naturally comfy on an old-school gatefold 7″ davenport (1000 copies on orange; 100 on clear) not housed on some silly polycarbonate plastic disc. Sorry, CD folks. Unless Relapse Records is fucking with us, which is entirely possible given their history of chicanery.

OK, time to dial up the desktop speakers and drown your daytime worries to General Surgery. Oh, and one more thing. Like General Surgery on Facebook. They actually post stuff.

** General Surgery’s Like An Ever Flying Limb is a kick-ass 7″ that’s available 11/7/2012 through Relapse Records. It’s orderable HERE. Or, you can see what that Carcass after-project, Blackstar, was like. The former is the better option.