EXCLUSIVE STREAM | Maveth “Hymn to Azael”

According to those gentle, God-fearin’ souls at Studylight.org, Maveth—transliterated from Old Testament Hebrew and translated into English—is defined as: “death, dying, Death (personified), realm of the dead; death; death by violence (as a penalty); state of death, place of death” . . . And my, how that is apt, because Finland’s Maveth are pretty much the epitome of death metal.
That’s a bold claim, but don’t just take our word for it. Thanks to Dark Descent Records, you can judge for yourselves, just click below to preview the faith-warping “Hymn to Azael”, taken from and typical of the zero-light death metal found on Finn’s forthcoming debut album, Coils of the Black Earth. It is a head-spinning, disorientating, bleak, monochrome, sulfurous anti-hymn; the sort of track you’d demand of a band fronted by a dude who calls himself Christbutcher and plays old-school death metal in the Stockholmer-esque Cryptborn, too.

Coils of the Back Earth is released right in middle of Advent, December 15th, presumably in an attempt to spoil the mood in the run-up to Jesus’ birthday; but come on, let’s enter into the spirit of things: it’ll make the ideal Christmas gift for the death-head in your family. It’s available on black or splattered vinyl, and CD. It’s kind of a bummer that it didn’t come out sooner—like Incantation’s similarly blasphemous and awesome Vanquish in Vengeance, Coils of the Black Earth runs the risk of missing out on Album of the Year Lists, etc. when it should be trumpeted from on high as one of the most exciting death metal debuts of this or any other year.

Coils . . . is old-school, kinda echoing the sort of atmosphere that fellow Finns Demigod made a career of. But it’s more than just an hour-long throwback to 1992. Some have described Maveth as blackened death metal, and those of you familiar with Of Serpent and Shadow or and Impious Servant might agree. You can check out a few mp3s here.

You can (should) pre-order Coils of the Black Earth HERE. Whether you hear them as blackened-death, straight-up old-school death metal or whatever, Maveth are 100% guaranteed to repel carol singers, Mariah Carey, and all that miscellaneous goodwill to all men bullshit that makes the Holiday season such a drag.

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Coils of the Black Earth cover art by Daniel Desecrator