Benign Is Overrated

We’re just about two weeks out from a new Malignancy record (!), and the Yonkers, New York tech-death grinders have graciously provided Decibel with an uber-sick opening salvo entitled, “Global Systemic Collapse” — which actually might be one of the more cheerily optimistic tracks off Eugenics.

Here’s what the band has to say about the album in the Romero-esque accompanying press materials:

In the near future humans will face the very real threat of extinction. Either natural or man-made, it will come to pass. Eugenics is an account of what may happen. Forced to dwell hundreds of miles underground, in an abandoned U.S. archive, they fight to live. This installation still contains all the necessary previsions needed for survival. A self sufficient complex, far removed from the vigor of life topside. It is equipped with generators, a constant replenishing air supply, even waste management. A perfect habitat for the evolution of the last species on Earth, Man.

Want to get down with that sickness? Pre-order Eugenics here, friend the band on Facebook, and follow the appropriately named Twitter handle @StayMalignant.