Banger Films needs you! Help fund Metal Evolution’s “lost” extreme metal episode

Decibel usually maintains a safe distance from the film and TV business because, well, it looks totally fucked up and confusing and the printed word is a tough enough mistress to keep. But when anthropologist, award-winning film-maker and metal fan Sam Dunn came calling looking for funding and support for an extreme metal episode of his Metal Evolution documentary series, it seemed liked the sort of cause we could get behind.

You should all be familiar with Sam Dunn’s work by now. He was the face and brains behind such features as Iron Maiden: Flight 666, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey and Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. Not to mention Maiden’s superlative En Vivo! concert video/live album, too. Co-founder/owner of Banger Films, Inc. with buddy and co-director Scot McFadyen, Dunn’s some best moments on his showreel include his gracious acceptance of Necrobutcher’s drunken ire during an interview segment for … A Headbanger’s Journey, and eliciting that fantastic pause then “Satan” response from former Gorgoroth vocalist now fashion designer Gaahl when discussing the finer points of black metal’s theological backbone.

Sam Dunn Vs. Necrobutcher
Sam Dunn meets Gaahl
But Dunn and Banger Films need our help. Actually, no, they need your help. After successfully putting together 11 episodes of TV documentary Metal Evolution for Canada’s MuchMore TV network, and broadcasting the show worldwide, Banger Films have come unstuck on trying to find the funding and network support to broadcast Metal Evolution’s 12th episode, the so-called “lost episode” that was earmarked to tell extreme metal’s story, the genesis of death, grind and black metal to what it is today. Despite Metal Evolution’s international success, hitting No.1 on VH1 Classic and MuchMore, the networks have taken a pass on extreme metal’s story because it’s too quote/unquote extreme. Pussies!

Now, we fully appreciated that Deciblog visitors are not all going to be able to turn media exec/TV impresario on a whim, but Dunn and friends have a listed a whole number of ways you can get involved and some of them are free.

Aforementioned impresarios can send their dollars and cents to Banger Films’ campaign page on IndieGoGo here. They need $175,000 to cover production costs and any donations entitle to you all sorts of benefits: Five bucks pre-orders you digital copy of The Lost Episode and you can officially put Neophyte Ov Verin on your resumé; $666, the Beast’s “Blasphemous Enabler” package gets you Banger Films’ entire DVD catalogue including Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Global Metal, Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage and Metal Evolution, plus a personalized postcard from Sam and Scot, and digital download link. Oh, and you will be credited as “Blasphemous Enabler” in the end credits … And there’s a whole load more, hey: you can be an Executive Producer for 50 grand. Check out the campaign page for more info.

Aside from fiscal assistance, Banger Films has suggested that you simply just spread the word via social networks, and homebrew filmmakers are encouraged to dig out camera and film their own campaign video. Just send your submissions to Dunn at [email protected]

And hey, who knows, TV starlets, this could be your way in to the industry without having to work on commercials for dog food or Pop Starts.

Anyways, best of luck to Sam and co. All you couch potatoes out there can watch Metal Evolution online here if you live in the States; and here if you live in Canada.