Call Of The Wild Song Premiere! “Breaking Shit”

Breaking Shit by Decibel Magazine

It’s strange to be premiering a song off Leave Your Leather On because I’ve been blasting the album for weeks. (It pays to be a big-time journalist.) And yes, I know – I guess these guys forgot about that Limp Biscuit song. Who cares? Stuff still has to get broken in 2012.

And yes, I know they look like a bunch of hipsters. They’re from Brooklyn, so it’s no coincidence. The ironic pineapple drinks even make that sweet stache a little suspect. Of course I hate hipsters as much as anyone else; I’m not soft on that. I’m also quick to judge, and I usually hate things before I know two things about them. Musically, “two things” equates to two notes…

Which means that these hipsters won me over in two fucking notes. They used songs like “Breaking Shit” to do it. This is a driven cut, deep, all edge. Simple riff, garage distortion, and the solo is predictable to perfection. Heavy, noisy, and obnoxious – my three favorite qualities in everything but women.

If you’re hacksaw, check out their new album from Kemado. It comes out TODAY, and it’s good for at least one spin a day in-between heavier albums.