Wrench Yer Guts

This morning we’re premiering a supremely nasty slice of doomed out Mexican death metal from Gutwrench entitled “Meeting with the Dead.” The track is culled from the upcoming Razorback Records debut Mausoleum…To Dwell & Rot In and if it strikes your fancy lurch on over to the band’s Reverb Nation page where other abominations with titles like “Beyond the Hills of Maggotville” and “Domain of Pure Putrescence” await.
And to those readers who might be saying to themselves, “That’s a lot of dwelling and rotting, but what do I care? I don’t live near a mausoleum!” I encourage you to take a second look at the words carved into stone above that archway.

Yep. Planet Earth reads the sign. Interested in hearing how fucked you are now?

Finally, if you want to check out the United States’ version of a Gutwrench is, see the video tutorial after the jump…