STREAMING: Scott Kelly Solo Album Song Premiere

Although you might remember him from such Neurosis albums as Souls at Zero, Enemy of the Sun and Through Silver in Blood, let’s not forget that guitarist/vocalist Scott Kelly has staked out quite a nice little solo career outside of the band. His latest release, which “streets,” as the kids say, on August 14 (Neurot), is called The Forgiven Ghost in Me and mines the same dark Americana vein of previous efforts and his recent work with Scott “Wino” Weinrich. It’s basically Kelly, an acoustic guitar and a whole headful of woe (plus a few guests).
It’s certainly no more spiritually uplifting than his day job’s music. But, c’mon, what’d you expect? Fans of bleak, down-beat trad music (a la Mark Lanegan) will no doubt find much to be gloomy about here. Kelly has a rich baritone that resonates like the lower strings of his trusty acoustic. His solo material doesn’t exactly have Neurosis’ apocalyptic vibe, but it also isn’t joyously upbeat and hopeful. And that’s why we like it. Give the title track a spin below and see what you think.

The Forgiven Ghost In Me Track Listing:
1. A Spirit Redeemed To The Sun
2. The Forgiven Ghost In Me
3. In The Waking Hours
4. Within It Blood
5. We Let The Hell Come
6. The Sun Is Dreaming In The Soul
7. The Field That Surrounds Me
8. We Burn Through The Night