STREAMING: Dragony “Burning Skies”

If lazy journalism persists in music, it’d be easy to say Austrians Dragony are like the umpteenth band to use the word “dragon” as part of their moniker. Well, that’s just not true. Umpteenth implies like 1 in 5 bands use “dragon”. Like System of a Dragon, Dragon Corpse, Dragon of God, Dragonatonia, or My Dying Dragon, or DragonForce. Those are all fake names, of course. And lazy journalism persists only on the Interhole. So, using the Metal Journalists Friend (aka Metal Archives), there are approximately 36 (maybe 37) “dragon” bands to found using their shoddy search algorithm. Pretty impressive, but once you realize Dragony doesn’t come up in a “dragon” search, it’s curtains for whatever search-based analysis metal scribes like yours truly want to perform for the public.
What we’re going to do is let Dragony do the power metal talking today, which is rare for the Deciblog. There have been 2.345 power metal posts during the lifespan of Deciblog 4.0. Although, we don’t really know what Dragony actually means. Like, “Hey, I’m feeling a bit dragony today.” Or, “Wow, the weather looks dragony outside.” Or, “That’s some wicked dragony breath you got there.” Fun aside, the Medieval garb wearing Dragony have chops, the kind of chops that gets them noticed by Limb Music, the very same label responsible for Rhapsody’s ultimate dragony metal album, Legendary Tales. Hey, Dragony’s new album is called, Legends. Wait a minute…

PS. That’s not James Van Der Beek in the photo. Or is it?

** Dragony’s new album, Legends, is out August 14th on Limb Music. The link to order Legends is HERE, along with other commercial items with “Dragony” as part of their product name. Who knew “Dragony” was even a word? Guess non-English speaking folk often put a “y” at the end of a word. Like Sarc√≥fago. Anyone remember the hot number, “Ready to Fucky”, off I.N.R.I.? We do.