STREAMING: Perzonal War “Tongues of Cleavage”

For the past 16 years, German “power” thrashers Perzonal War have wowed thrashers and heshers in their native land. They were discovered by Rock Hard magazine in what is presumed to be a Battle of the Bands/OK Corral-type competition that pitted the hard-hitting Perzonal War against sad kids in Burzum shirts and female-fronted acts with copious amounts of keyboards and velvet. Of course, Perzonal War were victorious, and here they are one and half decades later, smashing “power” riffs like they bleed second album wave Pantera and Blind-era Corrosion of Conformity.
Having supported the likes of Circle II Circle, Blaze Bayley, Destruction, Candlemass and played the prestigious Chicago Powerfest, most Americans have no clue as to who or what Perzonal War are about. Well, perhaps that will change now that Metalville and the Deciblog have aligned—albeit in blog form—to spotlight a veteran band with a novice U.S. presence.

Without further Freddy Adu’s or thoughts of Lääz Rockit or Toxik day-glo album covers, here’s Perzonal War with “Tongues of Cleavage”, which we, if we’re being honest, have no clue what the title means. Breasts on tongues (preferred) or tongues with blade edges to rival a Henckels (probably likely).

** Perzonal War’s new album, Captive Breeding, is out July 31st on Metalville Records. It’s available for pre-order HERE. Cue ’80s action hero from a distant Teutonic land voice, “This time it’s perzonal.”