STREAMING: Grave “Passion of the Weak”

Grave. Twenty-four years young today. What keeps Swedish death metal bands alive—when by all rights they should be, uh, dead—for so long? Is it the bone-cold water? Dunno, but we’ve used the phrase before to cliched ends of sanity. Is it the clean crisp Scandinavian air? Yeah, used that cliche too. Maybe it’s the fetid Surströmming? Don’t think we’ve used that before. Whatever it is, the Swedes and their brutal death persevere in sound and vision decades after most bands bite the proverbial dust. And some get better with age.
Endless Procession of Souls is Grave’s 10th album. Hard to believe a band that reveled in extremely rotten flesh, dying satisfied, and the very real prospects about not seeing heaven can still belt out a burner like “Passion of the Weak”. That’s right, the Ola Lindgren—the only survivor from the olden days—steered Grave still have the unearthly fire. Looking forward to what the rest of Endless Procession of Souls will bring. Until then, Svensk Dödsmetal alltid!

Grave’s new album, Endless Procession of Souls, is out August 28th, 2012 on Century Media Records. We’re so advanced with this track, we don’t even have a pre-order link. But you can pick up some sick death metal by clicking HERE. Yeah, Into the Grave/Tremendous Pain demo on CD for $8. Worth it.