STREAMING: Kalopsia “Salt Sown Earth”

We can count the number of times we’ve applied some Deci-clusivity to an unsigned act on the Deciblog. Of course, yammerers and Internet lonely-hearts will cry that we should only spotlight the label-less, the bands fighting for a slice of a slice of a depreciated penny. The problem is this: turn on the demo-powered floodgates and it becomes next to impossible to sort through the good, the bad, and the flat-out horrendous. Actually, we did sort out one killer audio thing that’s come our way recently. New Jersey’s Kalopsia.

OK, they had a full-length back in 2003, but who remembers the label Think Metal? See. And if you do remember Think Metal and the long-player—Exquisite Beauty of the Defiled—issued on said record purveyor, then you deserve a Gutted belt buckle. Anyway, Kalopsia was formed out of current/ex-members of Funebrarum, Dehumanized and Deteriorot, and based on what we’ve heard the group’s newest material kills in only ways American death metal can. As for how Kalopsia define themselves, well, they’re regular Jerseyans who buy coffee at “the WaWa” and refuse to call the “shore” a beach. Even vocalist/guitarist Matt Medeiros thinks Kalopsia ain’t sliced bread, “Unfortunately we’re pretty much normal dudes outside of our weird hobby of blastbeats, mosh riffs and monster growls.” As for the music, yes, it’s meta-normal. Whatever that means.

** Shuffle over to Kalopsia’s Bandcamp site (click HERE) to check out more Kalopsia ruleage. It’s just an album teaser, but it’s 3:44 of santoku-riffs, helicopter double bass, and surprise melodic breaks. Just for you sweeties while the wait for long-player Amongst the Ruins clocks down to August.