Municipal Waste Tour Diary, Part Municipal

** Scribbled by Municipal Waste lead screamer Tony Foresta. Don’t forget to check the stream of the Toxic Waste split 12″ on the venerable Tankcrimes label, as posted by the equally venerable Adem. It’s HERE, we think.
5/25 – Las Vegas @ Punk Rock Bowling:
Municipal Waste and The Dwarves playing a bowling tournament?! Yes!! Flying all the way from Richmond to Vegas for one show then rushing back to make it to the following gig in North Carolina is a weird way to start a tour. But c’mon, it’s Punk Rock Bowling so we had to. There’s no way we we would miss it.

The venue—Country Saloon—was right, smack in the middle of old downtown Vegas, which is somewhere I’ve never been before and was bummed that I never had been until now. This area was a whole new side of Vegas I’ve never seen before; way sleazier and a lot less Disney than the main Vegas where most folks go to. I dug it. I mean seeing Chris Angel and Carrot Top on billboards everywhere is cool and all, but this side of town seemed way more our speed.

The club that was putting on our show got flooded with people all at once at the time of doors, confusing and flustering the door guys as the line outside grew to hundreds of people trying to get in at once. The club decided it was best to push back set times for all the bands so they could get people in. Lucky for us that freed me and Ryan up with enough time to sprint down the street and see Dr. Know perform with Kyle Toucher back in the band. It was amazing. I’m so glad I got to see it.

Then we quickly rushed back to catch the last five songs of The Dwarves (which of course featured a lot of naked dudes as per usual). Word Salad played the gig too. I’ve been wanting to see them for 10 years and wasn’t let down at all.

After the show we ended up having to rush back to the room, grab our bags and headed on over to the airport for an early-ass flight. Thanks PRB! No sleep till Richmond!

5/27 – Wilmington NC:
Today, we got off to a late start. We’re exhausted from our flights, forgot a ton of merch stuff at home, and am having a real hard time getting it together. Our tour bus is rad though. It looks like a giant Ice Cream truck!

Tonight is our first night with Black Tusk. We’re really looking forward to chilling with these guys for the next month. Wilmington NC is a pretty fun beach town, so of course there we’re a ton of boogie boards and beach balls flying everywhere during our set. It felt like 2006 all over again. I don’t care if people talk shit on us for that. Seeing that stuff when we play still puts a smile on my face. Locals Salvacion and No tomorrow killed as well as Tusk and the vibe was all around fun. I’m still jet-lagged though. That on top of all the other hectic-ness of getting out of Richmond really made the night fly by. I’ll snap out of it soon.

5/28 – Atlanta, GA:
I love Atlanta. What a wild gig! There was basically no stage at this club (it was like 6 inches tall) and that usually raises a huge concern for us due to the usual rowdiness of hammered Muni Waste concert goers. The majority of the time when there isn’t a stage kids go flying through our equipment and we can barely make it through a song without having to stop
and set the drums back up. But not tonight! I had two rows of the burliest guys and girls holding back the crowd of some 400 rowdy Atlantans going bonkers. Folks were hanging from the rafters while we got drenched in sweat and beer. So much fun. One of my favorite crowds I’ve played for in a while. I’d also like to add that Steve Brooks rules. That is all.

5/29 – Orlando FL:
Something weird is happening in Florida while we are down here. People are O.D.-ing on some weird ass drug called Bath Salts, are freaking out and ripping each others faces off. It’s the perfect state for the Waste to play!

It was a cool show at The Social and afterwards a ton of us went next door to the Bar B Que bar. A bunch of old friends and my other band mates in No Friends were all in attendance and a lot of shots were had. Brad from Gwar rolled up there, too. Unfortunately, all this excitement of being around so many friends caused me to drink a little too hard and black out a little too early. One of the last things I remember was eating Del Taco burritos on the bus alone by myself in the dark. Tour life is so sexy.

5/30 – Pensacola, FL:
Pensacola ruled! First, I posted a really current bath salt joke on my Twitter page then I liked a picture of my friend climbing a mountain in her bikini on Instagram. Then I logged into both of my Facebook accounts and declined different event invitations for about 40 separate events happening no where near where I live. Then I wrapped the evening up with a really cool recap of my online adventures that I typed up for my Decibel Magazine Interweb blog. The future sucks and so do I.

5/31 – Day off (Drive day to Austin, TX) :
We we’re so excited to hurry up and get to Chaos in Tejas that sometime during our overnight drive we accidentally left Dave and Phil at a truck stop somewhere outside of Texas. Whoops, total stoner move on our part. We had to turn around and get them and lost about an hour and a half of our trip. Bummer. They weren’t very stoked when we got them either. Ha, ha!

We finally made it Austin and got to get into a bunch of the killer shows. Bands like Crazy Spirit, The Mob and Nasum, as well as the always amazing Big Freedia all had great sets. Lots of old friends. Fun shit happened. It’s great having days off on tour.

Beneath the remaining Municipal Waste tour dates (w/ 3 Inches of Blood and Black Tusk):
Jun 11 Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA
Jun 12 Key Club West Hollywood, CA
Jun 13 Oakland Metro Operahouse Oakland, CA
Jun 15 Neumos Seattle, WA
Jun 16 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, OR
Jun 18 In the Venue Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 19 The Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
Jun 21 Reggies Rock Club Chicago, IL
Jun 22 Screaming Willies Columbus, OH
Jun 23 Peabody’s Cleveland, OH
Jun 24 Bogie’s Albany, NY
Jun 25 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA
Jun 26 Santos Party House New York, NY

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