INTERVIEW: Tankard Talk Beer, Beer & More Beer

Tankard were living the Brewtal Truth life, long before we ever had our first sip of beer. They predate every extreme band that ever regularly sang the praises of beer. Wehrmacht, Gang Green, Korpiklaani, Municipal Waste and many others—all owe this German thrash quartet a huge debt. Or at least a frosty six-pack. These dudes are officially celebrating 30 years of beer-drunk existence with their 15th full-length album, A Girl Called Cerveza, which hits stores July 31. Despite three decades of viciously punishing their livers, they have soldiered on when lesser bands have fallen by the wayside, gotten sober or just plain changed their music. Tankard are still doing what they do, with a great sense of humor and more energy than bands half their age.

We shot a bunch of questions down the Interhole to the band and vocalist Andreas Geremia gave us some really short answers, all with exclamation points, via email.

You’re the original beer-drinking thrash metal band. What do you think about the newer bands that have come along doing a similar style?
Of course it makes us a little bit proud when younger bands are influenced by Tankard! I think we were one of the first bands who combined Thrash and Fun. That really fit us as people and we still have the spirit to play that kind of music. So cheers to the next 30 years!

Yeah, you’ve been doing this for 30 years now. We just wonder if your livers are tired?
I already got my third one, so no problem!

Best hangover cure?
As Metallica said: Fight fire with fire!

Why do beer and metal go so well together?
Going to a metal concerts means in general to have a good time, sometimes beer helps you to have a good time!

Is being drunk necessary for enjoying Tankard’s music?
Not really I think, but sometimes it really helps!

What are your favorite German beers?
Binding Römer Pils and Becks!

When you’re touring, do you request specific beers on your tour rider?
No we don’t. We love to travel around the world to taste the local beer. That’s the most important reason we keep on going with the band!

What are some of your favorite beers you’ve tried in other countries?
Efes in Turkey and Guinness in Ireland. These two are really my favorite ones!

And the worst?
I really can’t remember, I was too drunk!

When you’re in the U.S. do you prefer cheap beer or craft beer?
We drink every kind of beer, but if I have the choice I would prefer craft beer!

Don’t forget, kids, the new Tankard album, A Girl Called Cerveza, will be out on Nuclear Blast in the U.S. on July 31.