STREAMING: Conan “Battle in the Swamp”

Not much is known about Liverpool’s Conan. No, this isn’t the same Conan you see on late night TV or the same fictional king(s) Conan/Kalidor who bedded Sandahl Bergman and Brigitte Nielsen in the early ’80s, but rather this Conan is a UK-based doom metal trio who’ve kept their mouths shut by employing Internet stealth mode—the difficulty level for this is unreal—for the past six years. That is until now. Sure, Conan’s had press here and there—most recently for the full-length on which “Battle in the Swamp” appears—but not the full-benchpress usually associated with bands of Conan’s ilk. Now, if they were on Rise Above or Southern Lord, well, they’d be darlings to the greater back-patched doomer set, but they’re not. For now.
That’s not to say Conan haven’t done cool things. They’ve supported heroes Sleep. Played with A Storm of Light. And hit up mega-toker fest Roadburn in 2012. These are all primers for big time accolades. Writings on the wall, so to speak. But reading about Conan isn’t better than hearing Conan, right? They have a website for reading. So, we’ve teamed up with Conan to bring you a killer track from full-length Monnos. Click the orange dot with white right-facing arrow to be blown back in time when bipedal creatures in hoodies meant death.

** Conan’s new long-player Monnos is out now on Burning World Records. It’s available HERE directly from the band. Or, if you prefer Amazon, it’s like $50, which is far too much for a CD in this day and age, but we realize habits are hard to break (in deference to the hit tune by Chicago).