Will the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict be solved with metal?

The biggest metal band in Israel, Orphaned Land, is being highlighted as a viable bridge between headbanging Muslims and Jews as their apolitical, peace-promoting power metal seems to only have extreme views when it comes to wearing scarves on stage.

While this kind of music is definitely not the thing that blows my gentile mind, I would love to see this help evolve a kinder, more brutal vein of middle eastern metal that may promote the destruction of the human race and desecration of all that is holy, but does it in a totally chill way that all creeds can get behind. The article is a little long, but here’s the money shot:

SINGING IN English, Arabic and Hebrew, Orphaned Land has peppered their lyrics (which often deal with the struggle of light over darkness) with quotes from the Torah, New Testament and the Koran (the latter of which they received some criticism for). With a vision of ecumenical spirituality, Orphaned Land has also managed to connect with an ever-opening religious sensibility that is part and parcel of the modern Middle East.

Plus their female singer does belly dancing on stage. Karl Sanders, take note.