STREAMING: Firewind “Losing My Mind”

Firewind guitarist…er, guitar god Gus G. is a bit of a celebrity over in Europe. Here in the states the Greek six-stringer’s exploits are, for all intents and purposes, largely under the proverbial metallic radar. He was in Swedish power metal outfit Dream Evil, but they sold about 4 copies between coasts. He floated for a time in German metallers Mystic Prophecy, who are nobodies this side of cool. And then there’s Nightrage, where both Gus G. and At The Gates screamer Tomas Lindberg ferried melodic death like it was the mid-’90s. But Gus G. in the states? Ah, well, there’s this sideman gig he’s got with Ozzy Osbourne, but don’t let that three-year (and counting) stint lead you think fanfare and spotlights. Of course, we’re kidding.
As for Firewind, the Greek’s have been, uh, firing off quality powered metal since Between Heaven and Hell was secretly ferried out in 2002 on indie Leviathan Records. Since then, the group’s released six long-players (most recent is the coming-soon Few Against Many) to high praise. But we’re (and you’re) not here to sing praises of past accomplishments. We want to highlight Few Against Many, and to do that Decibel and Firewind tagteamed the blogosphere to present new tune, “Losing My Mind”. So, without further whatevers, here’s “Losing My Mind” by the illustrious Firewind.

PS. Gus G.’s got his own Wikipedia page!

** Firewind’s new album, Few Against Many, is out May 22nd on DisManic/E1 Music. It’s available HERE (CD only) and HERE (CD+t-shirt) for US ‘bangers.