STREAMING: Kill Devil Hill “Revenge”

What do Vinny Appice, Rex Brown, Mark Zavon, and Jason ‘Dewey’ Bragg have in common? Initial thinking is they all own homes in coastal North Carolina. Or, that they’re really big fans of old English slang for sugarcane-based swill. But really the four heavy metallers have hard rocking as a share point. Vinny needs no introduction. Same for Rex. As for Matt, well, the six-stringer was in Ratt and W.A.S.P. and Jason helmed once-ascendant groove metallers Pissing Razors. When their respective worlds collided, they formed Kill Devil Hill. Self-described by Vinny as, “”like a cross between Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains and a little bit of Led Zeppelin thrown in. It’s heavy, but with a lot of cool hooks and melodic overtones, too.”
In fact, that about sums up Kill Devil Hill. Throughout the self-titled record’s length, there’s monolithic heft but loads of nuance. Made by guys who know how to make brain-smart, gut-proud records. This, of course, can be heard on “Revenge.” What we have to say doesn’t matter too much, so we left it up to Vinny to yet again explain: “‘Revenge’ is a kick ass song built around the a drum beat and feel in the beginning of the song. Mark wrote the chorus chords, which opens up nicely. The slow heavy piece at the end was just a off the cuff jam that worked out for an ending outro. With driving bass and screaming vocals, it’s revenge!”

** Kill Devil Hill’s self-titled debut album is out May 22nd, 2012 on SPV/Steamhammer Records. It’s available HERE for pre-order unless you’d rather order the new Dirt Drifters album. Choice is yours, naturally.