For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Wow, there’s not a lot that’s good this week, but there CERTAINLY is enough for me to spray my birdshit all over.

Let’s start out with the boobalicious Jill Janus, and her band HUNTRESS.

This former DJ Tuesdae isn’t afraid of using her body to get a little attention for her band. This is pretty standard heavy metal fare: not horrible, not so good either. It’s been done to death. This is the type of band to go on tour with DragonForce and Holy Grail; in fact they have, even BEFORE the record came out. Just because she’s good-looking doesn’t mean the record sucks; it’s not good, though… very by-the-numbers. The production here is slick, and it’s clear that Napalm Records put a lot of money and hope behind Spell Eater, and Janus used to be in Chelsea Girls and is a Juilliard-trained vocalist and does a pretty good job. She proclaims love for traditional metal. Who knows? This type of metal isn’t for me; in fact it leaves me a little flat, but if traditional metal with a smoking hot singer is your thing, then by all means, beat your pathetic meat to this. 3 Fucking Pecks.

What is it that when metal guys get old, they seem to think they can do whatever they like? DEE SNIDER of Twisted Sister fame comes at us with the utterly terrible, OR depending on your take, the AMAZINGLY AWESOME Dee Does Broadway, a collection of “Cap’n Howdy” doing Broadway tunes of course. I think I can hear a little Auto-Tune on some of these; I mean, just check out “I Get a Kick Out of You” from Anything Goes.

That’s right, SHOW TUNES?!?! At least he could have done all Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance and tied it in with a pirate metal theme. Download this. 1 Fucking Peck, or 9 Fucking Pecks (whichever)