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It’s no hard sight to see that today the world we operate in is fucked. Elitist just has a knack at pointing that finger right back at the butchers of modern times. Not only do we execute it with extreme hostility and prejudice for ‘the man’, but have disgust for the belief systems that have been set up and hide what humanity should truly focus on. The more we write, the more bitter it has sounded and the more we all collaborate we find ourselves in this sunken weight playing these songs.
Our band started on the idea of wanting to tour, tour, tour, tour. Josh (vocals) and I had been good friends for awhile and both played in local bands that weren’t going the direction we wanted them too. We had a different bass player and drummer for the first three or so months, but quickly realized it wasn’t working. Recruited Nick who was the drummer for Josh’s former band El Cerdo and our friend Joel started playing bass. After two years and five U.S. tours, a split on Relapse and a our first full-length coming out on Season of Mist we decided to get a new bass player. Justin started playing with us and the problems that had arisen in the band were resolved. We immediately took him on two tours for 60 dates last year and the fit was complete. Touring with our band has been extremely unique, just four people that have decided to take a different look at life and what music they want to play.

All of us have taken a look at what’s going on surrounding us and have decided to reject it and only follow what makes us happy at this point and that’s playing music and traveling with it. We have been playing on vintage gear the whole time, an ever-changing amount of cabs, heads, guitars, etc. Always evolving and changing, finding more and more what we like and what we are searching for. When writing with the band, its fluidity has come first and foremost. The lyrics have dealt with issues ranging from the hypocrisy of religious zealots to the corruption we see in our daily lives. Mythical metaphors have been our conduit to show the injustice throughout. Josh’s voice spouting out bitter forewarnings, “Misanthropic arch worn world, these simple hoof marks have got to yield inside / It is not his spirit passing over us, but the painful sighs of prostitution and genocide.” This all speaks for itself.

Often thought about our band with much hatred, it representing all the social pollution we willingly lap up day after day. Scared that the cycle of confusion and depression that the band produces being stuck with us personally and it being a release but also a realization. All of us pairing our band with outside musical influences that have little to do with metal. Celebrating other artist and appreciating what music has to offer you in a time and a place. The second we all started writing for our new album, the hatred and aggression that we are creating I knew that we had all started on the right path, rejecting what was so apathetically laid out in front of us. None of us feel like we could go back and choose an alternative despite how poor, how exhausted we may feel we know that for 25 minutes a night we let it all go and play music that is free of the stranglehold of politics (in any form), religion, or the personal pressures that come along with giving up your youth to give a fuck about nothing else than music. We will paint it in a picture for you every night we hate, we resent, and reject outside opinions or ideas anymore. Someday you will see our band and you will most likely say we are assholes. Trying playing this shit every night and not wanting to beat the fuck out of people while playing it. With out being anymore preachy, we haven’t given a fuck in a long time and will exit this world with our middle fingers going straight to you.

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