Come here and watch “How The Internet Changed Heavy Metal”

How has the internet changed metal? That’s like writing a letter that opens with “How has paper changed letter writing?” But to put a finer point on it, Metal Injection has created a just long enough mini-doc on the jaw-dropping paradigm shift in how we headbang now thanks to some nerds years ago who’d probably think Jethro Tull deserved that Grammy.

Featuring a bunch of people who aren’t Decibel’s editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian, and one that is, this is a stroll down memory lane, harkening back to when every single aspect of a record was pored over and dissected by teens who had just spent a month’s lunch money on an album they hope slayed, as well as a lesson to the new generation that you have no goddamn idea how easy you have it.

This may be a little wonky for some people as it focuses mainly on the music/blog/magazine industry and not so much on how great it was to order t-shirts from Blue Grape, and, also, many of the bands highlighted blow. But still, I loved this thing. You should love it, too.