CONTEST: Win autographed Krisiun CDs!

The last time we had direct contact with Brazilian death metallers Krisiun was way back in October 2011, where the terrible trio blogged a killer (literally!) Top 5 for us. Not that we don’t like a daily dose of Krisiun — new album The Great Execution is quality when not compared to, say, Apocalyptic Revelation — but long-term exposure has, in the past, caused all kinds of weirdness with our ears. Like the inability to distinguish Max Kolesne’s cyclical (and perpetual) blasts of hate from Jesus’ quadrille-ing with his three favorite Riverdance back-up dancers. That being said, we’re stoked to see Krisiun on tour again, where they’re supporting fellow Brazilian superstars Sepultura and the ultra-violent (though really pleasant) thrash gods Death Angel.
To commemorate (or whatever term direct marketers use to hock bullshit coins) Krisiun’s return and burn to U.S. soil, we have three (3) autographed copies of The Great Execution to give away.

How do you win? Just email us. That’s it. Easier than Moyses Kolesne arpeggio-ing for three minutes.


The remainder of Krisiun’s stateside jaunt with Sepultura, Death Angel, and Havok:
4/20/2012–Madison, WI–The Majestic Theater
4/21/2012–Chicago, IL–Mojoe’s
4/22/2012–Rochester, NY–Water Street Music Hall
4/23/2012–Toronto, ON–Opera House
4/24/2012–Quebec City, QC–Imperial Theater
4/25/2012–Montreal, QC–Club Soda
4/26/2012–Albany, NY–Bogie’s
4/27/2012–Baltimore, MD–Sonar
4/28/2012–Pawtucket, RI–The Met
4/29/2012–Burlington, VT–Higher Ground
4/30/2012–New York, NY–Irving Plaza

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** Krisiun’s new album The Great Execution is out now on Century Media Records. It’s available HERE if you think your odds at winning an autographed CD are similar to the Mega Millions’ odds. Actually, they’re much, much better! Though we can’t tell you how much better.