Dave Mustaine releases another thing worse than ‘Risk’

Endless excretor Dave Mustaine decided it was about time to unleash another turdlet in the punch bowl of public discourse by affirming his fuzzy knowledge of history, geography and conspiracism.

(If you go back a little you’ll hear the equally incredible assertion that Rick Santorum could be the next JFK.)

So yes, Mustaine is a birther but also seems too confused to understand exactly what that means.

I’m not actually surprised that Mustaine has similar beliefs to my e-mail forward-loving great aunt, as they now look strikingly similar, but you’d think there’d be at least one person from his past wily enough to talk Mustaine into a modicum of reason. My aunt only has cats and an Elvis shrine to consult with.

As someone who’s preached about the Train of Consequences, it doesn’t seem like Mustaine is too keen on hedging his bets and not saying things that will alienate his ever-shrinking fanbase but I have a question: If Mustaine was an insufferable drunk asshole in the 80s and is now an insufferable right-wing Republican, was there any point in the middle where he was actually a decent guy?