A Day In the Life of UK Crossover Kings SSS

Ever wondered what the Liverpudlian quartet SSS did when they weren’t thrashing and crossing over? We did, too. We also just wanted to use the word “Liverpudlian.” Weird word obsessions and juvenile humor aside, apparently the folks over at Vice (along with Vans) decided to document 24 hours (more or less) with with the band in the latest installment of their “No Sleep Til” video series.
Though the video opens at a skate park—well, duh—it focuses on the band’s trek from Liverpool to play the Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales. Diversions along the way include shotguns, bingo and sunset walks on the beach. And then there’s the festival, which is its own adventure.

And as a bonus, here’s some additional live footage of the band with lead vocalist Foxy—who looks like a bearded Milo from the Descendents—holding a piggy head while he performs.